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Corporate Identity & Logo Design
in York and Beyond.

Creating a corporate identity; giving your brand a personality!

A corporate identity usually takes the form of a logo and supporting artwork, with a set of brand guidelines to help you to maintain a consistent language for your communications.

An effective Corporate Identity attracts attention and help your company to achieve its goals by creating a good first impression with your audiences, whilst at the same time confirming competency to current customers.

Logo Design: Distilling the Essence

Creating a logo design is often a case of distilling one or more of a company’s core messages into a mark or logotype. Often something that is simple on the surface can convey well thought out meaning, sometimes almost subconsciously, through the careful use of design.

Here are a few identities we've created, for some more in-depth profiles, view the Examples of Work section.

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Website Design: Design & the Web

We believe that to get the most from your website it must be designed and built specifically to meet the requirements of your business and brand.

Simple considerations like designing a website that is easy to use, ensuring that the end product supports and enhances your brand image and making sure the website can be seen by its intended audience are key to designing and building a good website.

The process In Form goes through to design and create your website:

  • Defining the aims of the website and the intended audience.
  • Providing advice concerning keywords and the writing of keyword-rich text to help achieve Search Engine results.
  • Creating an architecture for the website considering the content the site will display.
  • Designing concept artwork to illustrate the look and feel of the website.
  • Developing the concept into a working design template or templates.
  • Building the site around the site map plan, inputting the content.
  • Ensuring that the site meets W3C accessibility standards and that the site is compatible on all major browsers.
  • Ensuring that the relevant information can be found by Search Engines, followed by Final checking with the client.

Here are a few websites we've created, for more in-depth profiles, view the Examples of Work section.

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& Display Design

Exhibition displays, banner stands and pop-up displays are great ways of delivering your brand image and key messages to audiences at any kind of event.

In Form use graphic design to help create an impact for your clients, whilst at the same time helping to overcome practical issues like portability and reducing the time and effort needed to set up a display.

A good display should grab the audience’s attention and make them want to investigate further.

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Presentation Design
& Development

What makes a presentation successful? How can you make sure that your presentation is delivering the right messages about you and your business?

A good presentation can help you to win new business and to effectively communicate with existing customers, clients or colleagues.

In Form provides presentation design services for several of our clients, often these are confidential documents and cannot be referenced directly. Our services can include:

  • Template design
  • Structural design of the presentation
  • Sourcing of imagery
  • Copy writing
  • Design and development of individual page graphics
  • Project management
  • Production using Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe PDF Reader or other.

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Information Management

Online workspaces for collaboration and document storage; allowing secure access from anywhere.

We offer an information management and workspace administration service aiding communication with colleagues anywhere, from within or outside of your enterprise.

In Form can provide a range of different types of secure online collaboration tools to help you...

  • manage both internal projects and projects involving third party companies
  • chart the journey through a project
  • manage calendars and assign tasks to team members plus synchronise them with your current email ⁄ calendar software
  • securely store, manage and amend documents online and assign permission levels to them
  • discuss and share ideas online with secured message boards
  • work on new ideas and interact with team members using online whiteboards
  • create audit trails